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Performance Review 15/18

Performance Review 15/18 published on 6 Comments on Performance Review 15/18

Tansy: In all seriousness, Thorn — was it worth it?

Thorn: . . . Yeah. Now that I’m stationed in town, I knew you and me could catch up some other time. And Leif . . . I didn’t want him to see me freak out like that, but . . .

He just rolled with it! Didn’t let it faze him for a second, didn’t get scared of me after. I don’t know when I last felt this comfortable with someone who wasn’t family.

And, listen, I remember how hard it was on Ma, when Mom had to leave for work all the time — I wouldn’t do that.

But if I had a different job . . . honestly, I . . .

Tansy: Back up a second. You still seriously believe Mom kept leaving because she had to?

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Uh. Oh.
I think Thorn is about to learn some uncomfortable family truths!

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