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Performance Review 3/18

Performance Review 3/18 published on 14 Comments on Performance Review 3/18

Olive: You in the ominous shadows! Where did you come from, and why don’t I know who you are?

Man-In-Black Type: Look, you know how the Secret Order of Monster Hunters has Man-in-Black types who disrupt the memories of their foes?

Olive: Mmhmm?

MiB: I’m a little too good at my job.

Olive: . . . orrrr you could be a total stranger with an overly elaborate cover story.

MiB: Yeah, I get that a lot. Crystal! Roll °212.

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Hmmm… a little too good at disrupting memories… I see braids and a familiar collar shape in the darkness… Emmanuel? Is that you?

Great! Why can’t I remember who Emmanuel is?! Can anyone help?

This is Erin’s personal design for the Man in the Tan Jacket from Welcome to Night Vale; calling him Emmanuel specifically refers to Erin’s WTNV/His Dark Materials crossover, where TJ is Cecil’s brother who was the target of a… very botched spell. At least, I think Emmanuel is only TJ’s first name in that particular universe.

Different name, gender, and backstory, but I am definitely ripping off my own character design. And some of my favorite unmemorability gags.

Let the theorizing about her origins commence….

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