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Performance Review 5/18

Performance Review 5/18 published on 5 Comments on Performance Review 5/18

Gerri: A team of knights was pulled away from a nice calm recovery posting, and stationed here at the embassy. Apparently it was too soon. The team leader had an incident at a restaurant a few days ago. He’s on psych leave, pending an evaluation.

What these people fought through . . . the danger they survived . . . any one of them could have a severe relapse if we push them too soon.

Which is exactly why I recommended they not be given this assignment in the first place.

Magnolia: Hey, it was a prophecy! It’ll be for the best in the long run!

Ebony: Maybe “the best in the long run” requires these people to have severe relapses in the short run.

Magnolia: Thank you for the optimism, Ebony.

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Maybe we fuck prophecy and actually listen to that little voice in the back of our heads saying “BAD FUCKING IDEA!”

Also, given how much of a anti-labor hellscape Sonheim is, I can’t be the only one checking off the days until that embassy and everyone but the servants and kids are ash, right?

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