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Performance Review 6/18

Performance Review 6/18 published on 6 Comments on Performance Review 6/18

For the record, “dude” is gender-neutral in Ceannic.


Olive: These knights have been at the embassy, what . . . like, a year?

Magnolia: About four months.

Olive: Close enough.

So what if that’s it? Fire spirit says assign them, we assigned them. Boom, done. Never said we had to wait around forever before assigning someone else.

Magnolia: Trying to rules-lawyer like that with prophecy never ends well . . .

MiB: Her logic sounds flawless to me!

Gerri: That dude’s from the Monster Hunters, right?

Ebony: I think so.

Gerri: Then she’s just annoyed because Thorn and company have gotten in her way.

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Is it specifically fire spirits who can tell the future, as opposed to the water spirits we saw earlier (or star spirits if those are a thing and aren’t covered in tentacles)?

On another prophecy note, saying that something is for the best assumes some set of priorities. Do the spirits automatically know what the prophesier is going for, or is there discussion and negotiation involved?

Prophecy is specifically a fire-mage thing, yes. Along with some other psychic stuff.

If you have benevolent spirits, then the priorities of the prophecy will line up with the priorities of the seer. Magnolia got to be Minister of Prophecy in part because she’s good at making all that line up with the priorities of Ceannis.

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