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Performance Review 9/18

Performance Review 9/18 published on 9 Comments on Performance Review 9/18

Olive: Okay! Executive decision time.

Magnolia, you’re in luck: we’re keeping Thorn’s team where it is.

Sir Gerri, bring me some nominations for their backup squad. But no long-runners — unless Acai says so.

Ebony, draft a calming statement for the embassy about how we have total confidence in our knights and their mental stability. And then keep it to yourself unless they ask.

Mystery babe . . . you had a botched mission. Suck it up.

And hey, look on the bright side! Maybe we are totally confident!

For all we know, Sir Thorn will pass the psych eval with flying colors, and we won’t have to rig the thing at all.

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Is that a certain blinded radio host with an african wild dog daemon I spy?

He doesn’t do radio, he reacts to visual stimuli, and soulbonded animals aren’t daemons, but other than that, yes!

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