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Person-On-The-Street Interviews

Person-On-The-Street Interviews published on 11 Comments on Person-On-The-Street Interviews

Bennet: With the Presidential election right around the corner, how does the person on the street feel about it all? We tracked down some street people to find out.

Jasmine Sel
Aquarium Security Guard

Olive Romarin is tough on evil mages. I like that.

Larch Lavande
Coach, College Glee Team

Under her leadership, we won the Kolpovision Song Contest! — twice!

Florian Amande
Magitech Support

Cute Bar Guy: The challenger is pretty cute, though, isn’t he . . . ?

???????? ????????
Man-In-Black Type

I’m voting Olive! We’re talking about pizza toppings, right?

Rosie Muscade
Costume Designer

Who I vote for depends on how the moons align with Órrinn.

Nigella Badiane
Potion Shop Owner

I’m voting for the guy who said he would get rid of expensive potionmaking safety requirements.

Marula Boatman
Chair, National Pie Council

President Romarin has our lobby’s official endorsement! We can tell she really cares about the issues.

Hedge Dubois
Legendary Comedienne

Honestly, I always vote for Grassie.

Bennet: Hey! You in the shadows! What do you think of —

MiB: Sorry, I’m all out of funny answers.

Bennet: I haven’t even asked you anything yet!

MiB: That’s what you think.

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I spy a ‘Man in the Tan Jacket’~ nice call back to Nightvale, Erin.

This one’s a woman — and let’s see who puzzles out her backstory first….

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