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Plus Ones 10/38

Plus Ones 10/38 published on 8 Comments on Plus Ones 10/38

Leif: No! Obviously not!

Kale: Assault? Kidnap? Abuse a child?

Leif: No.


Leif (thinking): Now, if you asked about my parents — but it’s not like I helped them, I was just a kid —

Kale: Scam old folks out of their U.B.I. checks?

Leif: I don’t even know what that is!!

Kale: Then I think you have no problem being lovable. Especially not to a hypothetical someone who’s seen a lot worse.

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Now I’m wondering if they were actual criminals.

Oh, they almost certainly are guilty of a crime.

The question is if that crime is one you and I would consider immoral.

My money’s on some flavor of “criticized the government” or “ran a rebellion,” although it’s probably a lot more complicated than that.

As previously stated, my money is on the crime that they actually got pinned with being one count of trespassing each, along with between 150 and 10000 counts of manslaughter, depending how ruinous the interest on fines is in Sønheim. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was also a charge for ‘Going prepared to commit a crime’; e.g. they were each carrying a selection of sharpened wooden sticks made from Ceannic fruit-bearing woods.

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