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Plus Ones 11/38

Plus Ones 11/38 published on 19 Comments on Plus Ones 11/38

Hands up, anyone who called it.

Meanwhile . . .

Violet (thinking): All the guests are in! I can finally relax and have a —


Violet: This is a closed event. Can I help you with directions?

Dex: Oh, excuse me!

Is Pascentia Zikos at this one? She’s my sister, and I was hoping I could be her plus-one.

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My thoughts:

My only question is: is D10 here by happenstance, diligent research or exceeding their Sensitive Materials Handling Clearances?

Or, did Acai pull the strings necessary to send her here?

Ooooh. Hadn’t thought of that.
“Time Mage Sez,”You’re the only one who might even have a chance of giving Kale a fair shake.” Congrats! ”

Hopefully Hermosa was feeling up to telling Dex the deets at some point… Specifically the bit about Kudzu’s Mind Control Extravagaaaaanza being maybe an incy-wincy bit brought on by the loss of Kudzu’s last family tie and every last thing Kudzu had ever thought true was proven to be false.

Why would Acai send them to this party?

I’m starting to ponder the theory that Acai is trying to manipulate circumstances to either bring back Rho, or off herself so she has a better chance of reincarnating when Rho is around.

Theory 3: Acai is doing everything she can to keep Rho from having to FIX THE STARSDAMNED NATION again, so the two of them can just be together without distractions.

That, or her plan is to [Insert plot of Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie Part III: Rebellion], but I doubt Erin is going to go THAT dark.

Given the use of the ‘plus one’ terminology, “happenstance” isn’t a possibility here.

For certain definitions it is POSSIBLE, but very improbable.

Maybe Hermosa tossed Dex out because he needed some space because today isn’t a great day, but that shouldn’t ruin Dex’s day.

Maybe Hermosa’s making an early night of it and insisted that Dex go out to a more social setting instead of sitting at home and fretting over him.

Maybe Dex is here to visit every last hurt they’ve bitten back to not worry their husband on the man they blame for every ounce of that pain.

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