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Plus Ones 12/38

Plus Ones 12/38 published on 10 Comments on Plus Ones 12/38

Violet: Pas! Can you vouch for this person?

Pascentia: Dexie! It’s okay, this is my very normal, non-threatening sibling . . . Dex, what are you doing here?

Dex: Joining you — if that’s okay?

Pas: Did you bring H–

Dex: Ah! My sensitive and gorgeous husband said he wanted to call it a night early . . .

but that I should go ahead and watch the contest somewhere else. Someplace where they can . . . crank it up.

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Well then… Dex kept Pascentia from saying Hermosa’s name out loud. They knows Kudzu is at the party.

Which bodes ill if someone was dumb enough to send Hermosa on a covert op without giving him a fake name.

Even if Hermosa did use a fake name, that might not have mattered against Kudzu. He was powerful enough to see see that Hermosa was married and monogamous without even trying; seeing past a fake name should be even easier than that.

Man, I sure hope that’s not code for “turn the volume up so no one can see me going after this guy on the guest list that looks almost exactly like the guy who is responsible for my husband’s suffering”.

Because, like, I get why Dexie’s angry- they have every right to be all things considered- but I also don’t want them going after Kale, you feel me??

I feel ya, sibling.

The reading alternative to your stated reading that best goes with my perspective is “Turn it up” is actually code for “Hermosa’s ‘illness’ is making it difficult for him to tolerate hearing someone else in the house”, wherein “illness” is code for “PTSD from the event that caused his loss of vision, depth perception, and formerly fugue states which Pascentia may or may not know were the result of being in the room when Kudzu Went Dark.

Yeah, I interpreted “cranking it up” to mean Hermosa can’t take the noise right now, and wants Dex to go where they can listen to and celebrate the event at the volume it’s fun to celebrate a music thing AT. Also, I’m choosing to be optimistic about Dex knowing Kale’s at the thing and hoping maybe they mean to feel him out first, since furious or not, they almost definitely know the circumstances. If Hermosa’s the person they seem to be, they might even feel sympathetic towards Kale, but we’ll see.

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