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Plus Ones 15/38

Plus Ones 15/38 published on 10 Comments on Plus Ones 15/38

Thorn: I was worried about touching you in front of Kale. I think he has a little crush on me. And I don’t want to . . . “mop his nose in it.”

Leif: Was that a too-literal translation, or is it a thing in Ceannis?

Thorn: The first one! The meaning is, I didn’t want to make him sad from me kissing you as he watched.

Leif: But you weren’t —

— Mmmph.

Tansy: Thorn, are you in h– Uh, you need a minute there, little brother?

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Okay, someone please explain why it wouldn’t be simpler to explain to K that there’s no interest?

It’s not really about misunderstandings, so explaining things wouldn’t help. Kale knows they’re a thing, Kale understands Thorn isn’t interested. Kale could still possibly be sad about it. (Depends a lot on a person’s personality.)

It’s kinda in the same category as not talking about the really sweet thing your datefriend did last night to your friend who just went through a breakup? You don’t want them to feel sad about how they don’t have a nice datefriend relationship by waving around the fact that you do.

Having been in Kale’s position, except of course for the mind control powers and murdering a dozen people, I’d go so far as to say an explanation would be just as bad as kissing Leif in front of him.

He already *knows* his crush is unrequited and that Thorn and Leif are a thing. He doesn’t need to be told, being told would be the opposite of helpful. He just needs time to accept emotionally what he’s already accepted intellectually.

Also meeting someone he likes who’s interested in him would be super helpful, though fortunately not required because it’s not very likely to happen very soon.

Wow, that kiss was so good that Leif’s glasses disappeared.

I know, right? Maybe there’s some kind of alternate dimension they briefly vanished into.

Since the glasses look to be in the last panel, I’m guessing it’s a simple mistake, but I know I often remove my glasses briefly while my partner kisses me, to keep them from getting smudged with skin oil.

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