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Plus Ones 16/38

Plus Ones 16/38 published on 9 Comments on Plus Ones 16/38

Dex: Lovely to meet you.

Thorn: Same! Now, we’re putting all the food in here . . .

Leif (thinking): Thorn says this is safe to eat, and those will be too spicy for me, but these

Pas: Ah! Leif! I asked our hosts for craft supplies, and I made you a gift!

Leif: You did? What?

. . . It’s so beautiful . . .

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Damn, that was fast.

I’m honestly a little surprised it’s held on with tape, rather than glued to the toothpick.

I am LOVING the bracelet Thorn gifted Leif. A+ character design addition.

Tape? It looks to me like thread.

I think it’s tape, you can see the little ziggy-zaggy edges of the strips. (There are two strips, one at the top and one at the bottom)

also speaking from experience, for a project like that, tape is infinitely easier and more effective than glue. If you want to use glue, you have to fold over one end of the flag, glue the edge down while leaving a space to slide the toothpick through, get glue on the toothpick, push it in without getting glue everywhere, and THEN wait for it to dry…

I’d definitely go with the tape

If I cared, I’d use both tape and glue.

Glue takes too long by itself. Tape isn’t as durable by itself.

Of course, given the intended use for this, any glue used must be non-toxic. Not that there’s a plan to eat it, just that it will be near food, and if it’s still the slightest bit damp….

That said, I only use non-toxic glue, because the other stuff’s kind of, well, toxic.

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