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Plus Ones 18/38

Plus Ones 18/38 published on 5 Comments on Plus Ones 18/38

True story: I finished this whole strip, exported the web version, and then managed to save something else over the file of the high-res version.

Couldn’t even do it on a simple strip of talking heads and no backgrounds, oh no, it had to be one with a different setting, palette, and small crowd of characters in every panel.

Luckily I still had the scan of the lineart, but I had to redo the color, effects, and text from scratch. Not recommended!

See the original JPG, and other behind-the-scenes strips from this storyline, on Patreon.

Tamaputian Quarter

Sandy: Everybody shhh!

Average Ceannic Bar

[Huzzah! WOO!]

Average Ceannic Home

Bram: Wake up! The OPENING CEREMONY has begun!

Kolpovision Backstage

Holly: aaaAAAaaaaAHHHH

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Is there a strip with all of the flags and what countries they belong to so I know what country the characters are supporting?

Well, we know the yellow, blue, and white flag that’s behind the Neineikuras and in the bar is the Tamaputian one, and the green flag is the Ceannic one ( There’s a string of the Kolpovision flags without names attached to them in the background here: with a closeup of a few of them here: I don’t remember any strips putting names to the other ones yet, though, but my memory is notoriously spotty. 😛

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