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Plus Ones 20/38

Plus Ones 20/38 published on 8 Comments on Plus Ones 20/38

…I still haven’t picked country names to go with all the flags I’ve designed. Anybody want to make some nominations?

Leif (whispering): Is that violinist Sønska? I thought we weren’t eligible to compete?

Thorn (whispering): You aren’t, but “Kolpic nationals of Sønska descent” are.

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Kohlai, Nvalik, Elsthed, Thylon, Britep, Kontesstant
Gosh the color work on that first panel is gorgeous. I’m very sleepy and spent about a solid minute staring at it like an enraptured moth.

Ooh, evocative names. Are they references to anything? (Aside from “Kontesstant” being an English word with a fancy spelling)

I started that panel with old standby PSP7 effects, then realized it would be a great time to look through Clip Studio brushes and expand my repertoire. So now it has the best of both worlds.

They are not! Well, one started out as a differently spelled syllable of my surname with a different ending tacked on. The rest are just me liking consonants. (That one was a joke I couldn’t resist.)

I know very little about design programs but I love hearing process details, thank you for explaining!

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