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Plus Ones 22/38

Plus Ones 22/38 published on 10 Comments on Plus Ones 22/38

D10 (thinking): Wish I could’ve cornered him in here. That would’ve been so much easier. Well, no rush. He might be back.

Or he’ll get a craving for more chips . . . Or need to step into the restroom . . . Whatever it is, I’ll be ready.

. . .

D10: So, what are you in for?

Hawthorn (whispering): You’re not supposed to talk in here.

D10: . . . yes, excuse me.

Hawthorn: Shhhh.

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Oh this brings me back to my college days. We used to throw a big party at Halloween, Valentine’s and Graduation and we always had a chill-out room for people who got too high or needed a break from the loud music and lights. It was very nice.

I just remembered that one year we had nature documentaries. Unfortunately, there was a very grisly scene of a lion taking down an antelope…

Everentropy, did you go to New College of Florida too?

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