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Plus Ones 23/38

Plus Ones 23/38 published on 12 Comments on Plus Ones 23/38

Tansy (thinking): It’s the intro for the Tamaputian entry! I wanted to be surprised by Mata and Pato’s set design . . . So I didn’t even look up anything about the song.

I do know a bit about Tamapoa’s traditional musical styles . . . Maybe the singers will go with this one? Or that other one? Or . . .

Or they could do goth symphonic metal. That’s good too.

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I’m suddenly reminded of a post I saw on Tumblr about “what if, Eurovision but Star Trek” and speculating about Vulcans doing Space Eurovision, and it was something like

1. what if they’re boring and staid
2. pffft. no. no. it *looks* boring and staid with one guy in traditional robes with a vulcan lyre, and THEN come the BACKUP DANCERS and the first guy WHIPS OFF HIS ROBES TO REVEAL SPARKLY RIDICULOUSNESS

there’s an Xbox logo in the corner of the screen. I can only assume Ceannis has a less screwy video game ecosystem than we do.

No, it’s the flag of Tamaputia 😛

Under the lil’ “XBox symbol” in an orange rectangle is the rest of the flag, a stylized representation of a wave in blue and white.

I completely thought it was Thorn thinking all this until I looked at the transcription, which is both a testament to Erin’s ability to make characters look related and my ability to be absolutely terrible at paying attention xD

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