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I like how Leif and I are thinking the exact same thing for a change.

My question is how is that person’s ass not on fire as well? Obvious answer is fire spirits I suppose.

My immediate answer is, “Simple. Nothing is on fire there. And it’s probably not a real piano.”

Ok, technically, there may be an actual fire, but it’s almost certainly not actually *right* there. And there may technically be an actual piano, but it’s almost certainly not actually *right* there.

That said, my father’s an amateur prestidigitator, so I probably have a different perspective on these things.

Maybe. It’s also possible everything is right there but the fire is one of those remarkably cold ones (not actually hot enough to make the wood catch fire – see ). Or, yes, fire spirits or something else they have and we don’t.

In any case, I’m sure they tested it a lot and it’s much safer than it looks.

… also, yes, I would totally be more interested in the fire than the romance.

Side note unrelated to the strip, but whenever I try to click on the “From the archives” strip on the side, it always takes me to a different strip than the one shown. For example, the strip I’m seeing is, but it links to

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