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Well! Showing off and drawing attention to the heartsword scars is an excellent reason for a cutout right there.

… Are these actual heartsword wielders, or is that makeup?

Given how much dedication it takes to become either a professional singer or a heartsword wielder, I’m guessing there aren’t three people in any one country who’ve managed to become both.

…er, the performers on stage are supposed to be actual singers and not just lipsynchers, right?

The heartswords are real; the singing is real. The instruments, however, are fake (or, best-case scenario, not on-mic). Each song gets a pre-recorded backing track, so only the vocals are live.

I’m so glad seeing so many of the write ins I do show up.

The Incomprehensible one. The one using real fire. The one that makes everyone blush. The one using heart-swords. The Hakka analogue… <3 Even the movable stage, as the actual one done by the tamputans! It feels like all of my write ins were used!

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