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Plus Ones 30/38

Plus Ones 30/38 published on 15 Comments on Plus Ones 30/38

Kale: I — No, I can’t. I have double-layered power-blocking bracelets. Go ahead and check my wrists.

I’m here under government restriction. On the authority of Acai herself. It’s classified, but since you figured it out, I can call my handler and she’ll tell you the whole —

Dex: If you try to call anyone, I will gut you like a fish.

Kale: . . . okay. At least take me outside first. These are nice people. They don’t deserve a mess all over their floors.

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Interesting. If this were straight revenge she would’ve just shived his ass. She wants something, question is what.

I think *they* want Kale to reverse the damage. But it could still definitely be revenge. Sometimes you want to gloat about your justification. Cool motive, Dex. Still murder.

Is it a heartsword dagger? If it is, they could cut the bracelets off for that.

Kale, honey, your lack of care for your own well being is showing again…

If one’s death is a foregone conclusion, one at least deserves a last request, don’t you think?

Kale’s gonna be fine. he has yet to wring every last bit of UST out of the situation with Thorn and Leif, AND he still needs to hit the 「The Sun Rises Again」story beat when he’s fully redeemed and accompanies Thorn on his mission to free Leif from Lady Stanzia and Lord Imri’s compound in Hammer Falls.

Or that’s what I’m telling myself, any way.

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