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Plus Ones 31/38

Plus Ones 31/38 published on 12 Comments on Plus Ones 31/38

Around this time I was going to point readers to the wiki, to check out some of the new countries and flags…but then I tried to upgrade the wiki software, and the new version ate the layout. (Support forum thread here, if you want the technical details.) So, yeah, don’t look at it now. Stay tuned for updates when it’s fixed.

Leif (thinking): I’m not the only one who sees the tentacles, right . . . ? Are we sure this is appropriate for telecrystal?

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Me: Oh god it’s past midnight what new developments will unfold–
Me, after clicking my bookmark: DAMMIT ERIN WHY CUT AWAY THIS IS EVEN WORSE

Also, heeeeee water tentacles

And with regards to the equal-votes poll, that would be harder if there wasn’t the handy ability to check the results before you vote 😛

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