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Plus Ones 32/38

Plus Ones 32/38 published on 8 Comments on Plus Ones 32/38

Leif (thinking): Hard to get out of here without blocking the show . . .

But I need some more — Huh?

Kale (whispering): Oh! Hey, Leif. He doesn’t speak Ceannic. Just say “Hi.”

Dex (whispering): You’re lucky I know that one. “Hi.”

Leif (whispering): Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.

Kale (whispering): It’s fine. Everything’s fine.

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Let the misunderstandings begin!

Oh, no.

I’m expecting a carefully cultivated double conversation with Kale ‘translating’ both ways to make Stars-damned sure Leif doesn’t get taken, too. something along the lines of:

D10: (Ceannic) I will stab you(Kale) if you call for help.
Kale: (Sønska) Ze’s asking if you want the last of the [especially spicy Ceannic dip served with vegetable sticks].
Leif: (Sønska) *Very politely talking directly to Dex instead of to Kale* Oh no, go ahead.

Leif quietly mentions that Dexy and Kale are having some sort of quiet disagreement in the kitchen when he gets back to the party.

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