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Plus Ones 33/38

Plus Ones 33/38 published on 14 Comments on Plus Ones 33/38

Kale (whispering): Leave him alone.

Dex: He can hear us.

Kale: I told you, he doesn’t know any of the words! Just be casual until he goes, and it’ll be fine.

Dex: We’ll see about that . . .

Excuse me! How would you like to become an innocent bystander?

Leif: Uh . . . “Sorry, no Ceannic.”

Kale: Ze asked if you want one of the last crescent rolls.

Leif: Oh! Don’t mind if I do.

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Agent D10. Dexie. Please. Please. You are a *spy*! It’s bad enough that you don’t speak the language of the neighboring country that’s vaguely hostile, but can you at *least* learn to fake a smile?

The reasons are piling up why Hermosa was chosen to go on the undercover work and not them. But really. How are they This Bad at this!

I’m not mad at you, D10, I’m just disappointed.

I’m starting to wonder if they even have training as an operator. They’ve got tech skills, but they’re too personal for this to be their usual gig. Granted, agents are only human. Still, something about their actions strike me as “off” for an experienced agent.

And then Leif takes both rolls, returns to the other room, and asks Thorn if he wants one in the new Ceannic phrase he just learned?

I feel like he probably knows enough to know that’s not the correct phrase, but maybe not enough to have a reaction. So I’m thinking something similar, except he just straight up asks Thorn about it.

Alternatively, he knows exactly what they’re saying or at least can read the situation but knows that he can’t let on. D10 isn’t exactly being subtle here…

Yknow, given what we know about Leif, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s using his ‘Sweet Innocent Bean who can’t possibly be doing anything suspicious’ status to delay until someone more suited to the situation arrives.

They threatened Leif..? Ok, D10 is going on the list.

I don’t think that was a threat so much as “something so strange that Leif would have a visible reaction if he understood it”, like if you say something completely absurd to check if someone is paying attention to you. Like, if I thought the person across the room were listening in on my private conversation with a friend, I might say something like, “So anyway, that’s where I left the bodies” and if they jolt or startle or visibly react, I have confirmation that they are in fact listening in.

Also being a bystander means the threat wasn’t directed at Leif but at Kale. Though I guess “do you want to see a crime” is still…kind of a threat?

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