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Plus Ones 34/38

Plus Ones 34/38 published on 6 Comments on Plus Ones 34/38

Hat tip to everyone who guessed that Leif was more perceptive than he looked.

In other news: there’s a new patron-exclusive post of Leif & Thorn thumbnail sketches! For a behind-the-scenes look at how I plan out strips that won’t fit on a single sketchbook page. (Now that I know I can fit them in a print volume.)

Patreon sketch post

Crowd: The Doyonese background magical girls are the best yet — / And her vocal technique was perfect! / Yeah, but did you like the song? / Not as much as the one with the heartswords.

Thorn: If you’re not trained with one, you have no idea how much talent those heartsword moves took!

Crowd: Sure, Ceannis had the most glitter, but the best glitter was / on skates / background dancers didn’t do enough, they were just there to be shirtless / not if you use a wind machine

Leif: Thorn?

Thorn: Yes?

Crowd: did you read the translated lyrics? They’re so / Should’ve put on more fringe, cowards / without a violin?

Leif (whispering): Is it a Kolpovision party tradition to hold a knife on someone while they’re alone in a dark room?

Thorn (whispering): Nooo.

Crowd: are you kidding, the pirates were the best part / Shh, Getsun’s starting —

Leif (whispering): Then I think Kale’s in trouble.

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