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Plus Ones 36/38

Plus Ones 36/38 published on 5 Comments on Plus Ones 36/38

Thorn: Leif —

Leif: I want to help!

I’ve had your back before. You know I can be useful! And Kale seems nice — I don’t want him hurt —

And it wouldn’t be making anyone else legally responsible! Because technically I’m your rented property right now, so as long as I’m following orders —

Unless — Was “wait here” supposed to be secretly an order?

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I almost want Thorn to say. “Yes. It was a secret order. I’m sorry, I will try to not do that again. I value your agency and want that to flourish, but I also want you to stay here and stay safe. You being not-there will increase my chances of success because I will only have one probable hostage to rescue.”

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