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Plus Ones 37/38

Plus Ones 37/38 published on 26 Comments on Plus Ones 37/38

Thorn (thinking): I need to do it. He can’t see this.

Thorn: Leif, I’m sorry —

If you’re there, I will worry about protecting you, and that will slow me down. I’ll have to think Sønska, and that will slow me down. The best thing you can do to help me is to stay inside. I mean it. So —

Leif: Okay! I trust you. I’ll stay in here. I promise. Go!

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1. Aw, these two

2. I went wiki-walking on Crystalpedia, and “[Ceannic is] Pronounced with a hard C, like “Kyannik” and “Kyanska.”” I HAVE BEEN PRONOUNCING IT WRONG THE ENTIRE GODDAMN TIME OH MY GOD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.

Not only have I been pronouncing it wrong the whole time, I’m an old fogey with a calcified brain. I will probably continue pronouncing it wrong for a long time, despite my best efforts. Which is, to be clear, totally OK, since I don’t know Erin personally, so they won’t be subjected to my wrong pronunciation.

In your defense: Oceanic. Oh-She-on-ick. It’s not a stretch for Ceannis to “She-on-is.”

But I need to retrain myself, too.

See-on-is, actually. Or -rummages around in the IPA bin- siːanɪs. Not ʂiːanɪs. Whereas now I’m pretty sure it’s kiːanɪs.

Wow, that’s four different assumed pronunciations so far in this thread…Maybe I should’ve spelled it differently?

Further plot twist: it’s only 2 syllables. The “Ceann” part before the “iss”/”ick” is like one of these:

Glad that got sorted without Thorn having to use the compulsion.

Thought’s just come in to my head, might this be one of the situations that future Thorn is trying to prevent? Might we see him in the next strip/storyline?

… I think this would be situation where it would be better idea to DO use the compulsion. But Leaf promised he behave too quick …

Leif might also be persuaded by Thorn’s reasons. Or he knows the next words will be an order and wants not to be ordered. Or he wants to stop Thorn ordering him when he knows Thorn doesn’t like to do it, even though he would be fine with it.

Come to think of it, I’m surprised Kale’s dog isn’t freaking out. Kale must be pretty ok with the possibility of an imminent violent death. 🙁

WHERE is Kale’s dog? Is it possible D10 did something to it?

Possible. I am hoping the dog also has a plan, though, and is lying low until the right moment.

My guess is: Niamh is distressed because Kale is distressed. Kale doesn’t want this brought to attention, at all. Therefore Niamh is not making a scene. However, Niamh can’t be hurt because Kale would have been tipped off if Dex did anything to her. My guess is she’s hiding. Maybe even under the buffet table. I don’t think she’s in the quiet room, because Hawthorne is there and Niamh would be showing too much stress. I could be wrong though, and perhaps Niamh left her in the quiet room so that he can feed off the quiet from her. Or maybe I’m wrong about all of it. Only the mercy of Author will reveal.

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