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Power Cycle 1/27

Power Cycle 1/27 published on 8 Comments on Power Cycle 1/27

Yesterday I redrew a whole bunch of pre-existing panels, today I let myself indulge in “100% looping through panels we’ve seen before.”

Won’t be too many of those in the rest of the storyline, because this is the one where Kale Finally Gets To The Embassy!

Trivia: I seriously considered calling this arc “Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?”, but in the end, decided “Power Cycle” was catchier.

Woman in Black: Your fabulous and super husband doesn’t actually remember what you’re doing right now. I’ll wait while you give him a recap.

Thorn: Is there any point in me asking for your callsign?

Woman in Black: You have that in your contacts already. Three times.

Sigrún: You were right. It worked.

Thorn: You know what I think will work next? . . . Actually letting them in.

Kale: Without me murdering anyone else, or without someone murdering me?

WiB: Either/or.

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Don’t… Don’t ask me how it never occurred until this moment that the point of this was to get Kale to the Embassy. I just thought she was trying to keep him Dramatically Unstabbed.

Honestly, it never occurred to me either!! I figured out right before they ran into Future!Thorn that the goal wasn’t just keeping Kale from the murderings but to get him somewhere specific, but I never even considered, y’know, where to.

Why would they need to get Kale to embassy? Wait … is the situation so bad he would caught whispers otherwise? That kinda sounds like those people who insisted to go to embassy were right … after all that explanation how they are not …

IIRC, it’s been implied that “Kale With Whispers” may be an XK End of Central Scenario, so that may be worth some extra effort/layers of protection.

Same strip confirms that being in a Northern Magic Oasis would protect one from the Whispers if you weren’t already infected, since Leif is “totally safe”.

The people who were trying to force their way in? the loudmouth at the front of the crowd? Well, Listen to Thorn from two pages later:

Thorn: “anyone who has the whisper for real . . . is not in shape to fight about it.

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