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Power Cycle 11/27

Power Cycle 11/27 published on 13 Comments on Power Cycle 11/27

Iona: Hey! Behind Leif and the tourist — That’s the woman from the opera!

The one I fell on! She has some kind of memory magic! Is she using it right now?

Sven: Honey, she seems normal to me . . .

Iona: What color are her eyes?

Sven: We can’t tell from this distance.

Iona: What shape are her ears??

Sven: They’re hidden under her hair!

Iona: Well, what color is her hair??

Ragnild: Uh . . .

Sven: Hair-colored?

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I don’t see any time cracks, so apparently this is supposed to happen?? Or at least not NOT supposed to happen…

I suppose THIS is still safe, but too many details and there WILL be cracks … there is reason WiB is sweating despite the temperature.

The only effect that this can have on the timeline is on Iona’s memory, and her actions as a result of it – which probably won’t have much more effect than Iona encountering her at the opera.

“Guards, arrest that woman!” would probably be quite inconvenient. (Marula’s rules – she can’t prove she’s *not* a spy!)

More or less inconvenient, depending on whether they forget to lock the interrogation room, or forget to let her *out* again.

I love how even with the stealth tech, WiB is visibly sweating nervously in the third panel.

When you know you’re coming up against the one person your stealth tech doesn’t work on at all, that stealth tech isn’t that comforting. Sure, on the one hand, it’s just a little girl. But on the other, it’s Actually Iona Nibelungsen.

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