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Power Cycle 15/27

Power Cycle 15/27 published on 9 Comments on Power Cycle 15/27

Iona: Let me check on one thing, before you take her into custody . . .

What do your ears look like?

WiB: Hey! Personal space!

How would you like if someone grabbed your legs to check what shape they are?

Iona: Th-that’s different!

WiB: How?

Iona: I’m not using controlled spelltech to hide that my legs are a little–

WiB (thinking): It’s working. She doesn’t even know there’s a clock — I can get her to run it out.

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Hmmm Leif has pointy ears but Kale and Thorn don’t… assuming pointy ears are a dominant trait then I’m wondering if that’s meant to be a clue? But why is IONA interested? Just as a clue to her heritage or something else more specific?

Also, why is she so invested in keeping it a secret from those who won’t remember in a few seconds? Petty Mulberry wanting to keep the audience guessing who her other parent is hmmm?

Joking: It’s because one of her ears is round and the other’s pointy, which she finds really embarrassing. She especially dislikes it when people ask if she’s related to Pompey of the Linear Guild. I’m not sure why people keep asking her this, since I don’t even know if the Order of the Stick exists in their world, but… so frustrating.

Iona’s ability to see through the cloaking spell aside, Mulberry is still styling her hair to cover her ears even though she is basically invisible to most people. Her ears are clearly something that she’s sensitive about showing whether or not the information will go anywhere (which it obviously won’t with the loop coming up).

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