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Power Cycle 2/27

Power Cycle 2/27 published on 11 Comments on Power Cycle 2/27

Pedestrians are a little homage to broken, a beautifully-drawn and feelings-heavy comic which everyone should read. (…Unless you have serious trouble with flashing panels, mind-controlling villains, and/or eldritch body horrors? Then maybe give it a pass.)

Kale: H-hi, Thorn.

Thorn: Kale! I got the message — come on in.

Pedestrians: How come he gets to jump the line? / Guards just letting their friends in early now? / It’s not fair!

Thorn: Hey! This man has a medical exemption. And that’s all the detail you get, because it’s private.

Pedestrians: Oooh. / Sorry, didn’t realize it was a thing. / Go on in!

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Hold on a sec. If Kale goes onto the embassy grounds don’t that deactivate his magic surpassing bracelets since, I’m guessing, they’re based on southern magic? Not to mention the name for this arc.

Even if Suppressant Bracelets cannot function in Northern Magic areas, Neither can transformation items. It’s like an electronic lock on an automated door: when the power goes out the door is unlocked, but the door still can’t be opened.

I think they’d just go dormant and not function in areas void of Southern Magic, and maybe at most be easier to break, simply because if they just dissolved that would be an easy exploit in the dark magical containment system, just get a train to the border and hop over for a bit, and you’re golden.

My guess is: either they work, or they’re drawing power from the person they’re locking up. So as long as he’s powered, they’re powered, as it were. Barring obscure “it makes it easier to pick from the inside if you already have your power in the lock” problems, mind, having the bands take emergency power from the source pool of the thing they’re keeping contained means if the thing tries to get out, it eats itself on the way. Alternatively, drawing power from “around” might include Kale himself, and in the embassy grounds, the only thing emitting power -is- Kale, so stationkeeping is supplied by that.

Of course, this is entirely my ideas, not what Our Dear Author has decreed, so I could well be wrong on this front, and it’s getting way into the weeds of theorising wildly about fantasy elements anyway. I’ll settle for “it’ll be fiiiine” ;-]

Erin, if we had issues with mind-controlling villains, and/or eldritch body horrors we’d never read your comics. When have you NOT had a mind controlling villain and/or an eldritch body horror in one of your comics?

Leif and Thorn: Mind Controlling Villains.

But I’m a Cat Person: Eldritch Body Horror.

And Heaven Shine Now: Both.

The flashing panels, thing, is something else entirely.

See, if they were on the same level as my comics, I probably wouldn’t have warned for them! This comic has next-level mind-control and eldritch body horror.

Plus, even if it was the same level, the heads up is still appreciated. Plenty of people can handle a trigger if they’re warned about it, but be left really shaken if it appears without warning. I’ve read lots of queer fic and am pretty desensitized to homo/transmisic characters, but recently I got hit by a character flipping on a dime from affectionate to instantly uncomfortable when finding out their target was bi, then dropping all the biphobic accusations when called on it. That felt like a punch in the gut with how hard it was to breathe for a bit. Not Fun.

wait what? did I miss something? …yes, I missed the warning on the comic link somehow, thank you for bringing my attention to that.

PS: now I have *three* new comics open in other tabs, and I’m pretty sure they’re all your fault Erin 😉 or maybe one was from an ad on here. still blaming you 😉

PPS: biphobia sucks, I jumped straight back in the closet in uni when I heard some lesbians complaining about bicurious girls and now I don’t have the spoons for being poly anyways. :/ (I doubt anything would’ve come of it but… the not knowing is mildly annoying.)

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