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Power Cycle 3/27

Power Cycle 3/27 published on 11 Comments on Power Cycle 3/27

WiB: Just take a nice, sloooow walk. Let other people pass you, if you can.

Kale: Sure.

WiB (thinking): I didn’t see Dad outside. Hopefully that just means he isn’t in this loop. Gives me the chance to flag any super-obvious failure points . . .

Leif: Kale? Hey, Kale!

Kale: Leif! That’s my, uh — friend, Leif. How about I full-on stop and talk to him?

WiB: Perfect! If you say anything that blows up the universe, I’ll just make a note to intervene next time.

Kale: You are terrible at being reassuring, you know that?

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So the first time we saw WiB on Embassy grounds was 4koma in Black, 5/7. Apparently those weren’t canon? If they aren’t this is the first canon example of her stealth enchantment working within Northern Magic. I checked her tag, which is good because I forgot about the 4koma.

Kale is awkward about calling Leif his friend. Not used to having friends? Not sure the relationship has progressed to the level of friend?

Also, there’s a bit of a sense of rivalry, as they’re both interested in Thorn. I don’t think Kale’s really let Thorn know, let alone Leif. That said, I’ve not been keeping proper notes on this comic, so maybe I just missed it. But Kale certainly knows that Leif and Thorn are something of an item.

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