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Power Cycle 4/27

Power Cycle 4/27 published on 4 Comments on Power Cycle 4/27

New Leif & Thorn: Off-Shoots bonus page! Petal and Sepal’s undercover law career gets off to a great start.

Kale: I won’t get you in trouble for talking to me, right?

Leif: Not if I don’t stop working!

I have to snowshoe up and down the path anyway. Clear up puddles and safety hazards and so on.

Sorry, I’m kinda towering over you . . .

Kale: It’s fine!

If either of us ever complains about feeling short, I’m pretty sure Thorn would smack us.

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It’s nice to see Kale having a calm, low stakes conversation with a friend for once. I mean I know he hasn’t experienced the worst possible parts of this day on this run through, but I expect the poor guy is even more stressed than normal.

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