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Power Cycle 8/27

Power Cycle 8/27 published on 3 Comments on Power Cycle 8/27

New wallpaper on Patreon: a photo Future Thorn carries around in his spelltech storage device.

Too bad it seems to be glitching! I guess the identities of the other people in the image will just have to stay an unknowable mystery.Future Thorn wallpaper

Ragnild: C’mon, Dad . . . these people aren’t visiting the Embassy because they care about the culture.

Sven: That’s no reason not to offer them some fliers!

Welcome, visitors! We have all kinds of wonderful and enriching Sønheic cultural events. Take a brochure!

Ragnild: You don’t even need us for this! Can’t we go sledding?

Sven: Not yet, Ragnild!

Now, be polite to the visitors, and let me know if you see any lovely women in green, okay?

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