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Power Cycle 9/27

Power Cycle 9/27 published on 4 Comments on Power Cycle 9/27

Leif: . . . and the snow came up to here, I’m not even kidding!

Kale: Wow. Did any short people get lost underneath it?

Leif: Well, funny story . . .


WiB: Yeah, this is Agent [unintelligible]. I’ve got the asset.

Thought you might say that! Which is why he’s already at the Sønheic Embassy. The spirits that carry the Whispers can’t even exist on this property.

Yes, that was Acai’s contingency plan the whole time.

. . . Unless this timeline crashes. In which case, whatever I try next will have been Acai’s contingency plan the whole time.

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If you pull a Re:Zero and wreck all this lovely character bonding, why, I’ll….. well, I’ll just be sad lol. And then keep reading bc what else am I gonna do?

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