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Preview of the all-new, all-CGI style!

Preview of the all-new, all-CGI style! published on 15 Comments on Preview of the all-new, all-CGI style!

Exciting news! After all these years, I’ve gotten tired of hand-drawing Leif & Thorn…so, instead of ending the strip, I’m switching to a fully computer-generated 3D version.

It’ll be a while before I can replace the whole archive, so for now, enjoy this preview of Homecoming 7/24 remade in the new style.

Big thanks to mardaliza96 for doing such an amazing job! I’m sure this will have you looking forward to the rest, as much as I am.

Thorn: Hey! What was —

Leif: Sorry! Did that hit you?

Thorn: Uh . . .

I-is fine! In future, to be careful!

Language key:
Sønska (official/native language of Sønheim)
Northern Ceannic (primary spoken language of Ceannis)

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I thought we all agreed that April Fools Day was canceled this year! Y’know, on account of *waves hand at the planet* everything going on and the year we’ve just had

What are you talking about? This is clearly just a friendly heads-up that the style this comic is done in is going to be changing! An April Fool’s Day joke?? C’mon, Erin wouldn’t put time and effort into getting models of these characters if she weren’t serious about this!! ;D

This is actually kind of unironically fantastic because it gives me an interpretation of what the characters look like more realistically. I know it’s a joke and probably waaay not accurate (but I kind of wish it was) because my brain is super bad at converting 2d style to 3d style to envision fictional characters as IRL people.

LOL a year late, because that’s how I roll. Check out requiem. Been catching up the last two days after flaming another bully. 🙂 Definitely a “It was wrong, but I totally understand” thing.
p.s. honestly, I try. But, I doubt there is good in this old guy.

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