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Quarantine With The Vampire 1/11

Quarantine With The Vampire 1/11 published on 7 Comments on Quarantine With The Vampire 1/11

Content notes: this includes a quarantine, with parallels to the real-world COVID-19 situation, and some vampires, being vampires.

Country: Sønheim
Time: ???

[tip toe tip toe]

Elevation: 1337 M
Bedroom: Master

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What’s your over/under on if this was a deliberate assassination attempt, Flyboy?

*Brings up the situation room*

If this was deliberate, odds are it was a suicide mission with a single skilled participant. Knowing the risk of going after these two, it was the only way to avoid a mass casualty event as depicted in the Vampire Hunter AU. Looking at the clothes, it appears to be a servant judging by the pattern on the arms similar to those in the embassy uniforms. Which could mean Stanzia and Imri either don’t keep their slaves under a “Don’t Kill Master” compulsion our of pride, or they have such a large staff they don’t keep track of who’s who.

Unfortunately, given this is still too early in the comic’s story it’s just as likely this servant saw the light peeking in and didn’t want to wake up the leeches as they tried to keep the sun from hitting their bed. Combine that with the boss’ aversions to direct conflict in favor of emotional, the poor fucker right there is more likely this evening’s breakfast.

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