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Quarantine With The Vampire 4/11

Quarantine With The Vampire 4/11 published on 13 Comments on Quarantine With The Vampire 4/11

…I did think about doing the obvious spit-take gag, and then having Servant walk around covered in blood for the rest of the storyline. Maybe next time.

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Red: There’s a lockdown. Travel is suspended, and mail is on hold. Deliveries will start again in two days.

Stanczia: A lockdown? is there a saboteur on the loose?

Red: A new brumavirus. It’s on the news.

Stanczia: No matter — the confirmation c-mail said it reached the local post office. We’ll send our driver into town to retrieve it.

Red: About the driver . . . Before I continue, Lord Imri, I’ll let you finish your drink.

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[googles “bruma”]
[… puts “bruma” into wiktionary]

Latin: winter solstice, winter, winter cold.
Icelandic: “to bud”.

Yeah idk, brain no worky real good right now.

Bruma -> winter leads to just calling it a cold, doesn’t it? Our common cold *is* another Corona virus, anyway…

More precisely, IRL common colds can be caused by a bunch of rhinoviruses, about 4 different coronaviruses, and some others from less-common families.

The comic already has fantasy animals and fantasy plants…so I figured it should have fantasy viruses. The brumavirus family has some obvious real-world inspirations, without needing to be perfectly medically-accurate to any of them.

*Already drawing up an assault plan for these fucks* Anyone wants to throw in, now’s the time.

Hey Flyboy? You often seem angry and worked up. Uhm, this is a comic: a work of fiction by its’ nature. Are you ok? Obviously, we are strangers, so you don’t have to share anything you don’t want. But…to be this angry, this often, over a work of fiction, does not seem healthy. Can we help?

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