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Quarantine With The Vampire 5/11

Quarantine With The Vampire 5/11 published on 17 Comments on Quarantine With The Vampire 5/11

These servants are definitely going to be long-lived and non-disposable characters, that’s why the transcripts only refer to them by hair color.

Stanczia: Driver. What are you doing in your room at this hour?

Orange: S-self-isolatin’, Lady Stanczia! My work’s all taken on for the night — won’t be any loss for you.

Stanczia: You don’t look . . . unwell.

Orange: Only took mild sick, but they’re sayin’ to shut yourself away anyhow — [koff koff] So’s you don’t pass the winter fever on to someone else who might take it worse.

Stanczia: Don’t be absurd. You work for vampires. We can’t get human viruses, no matter how new this strain is.

Are you too ill to work?

Orange: N-no ma’am!

Stanczia: Then get back to it — just like our two dozen other human servants.

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Obvious parallel to greedy bastard bosses IRL aside…… I am stricken by the fleeting, giggly hope that all the servants are rainbow order.

Wrote myself into a bit of a corner there, since I’m going to need more than 7 before it’s over…

The number of colors in rainbow is infinite, as opposed to number of colors which can be displayed on common display. Obviously, the intersection is finite. Or, to be more specific, zero: commercially available displays are capable of displaying actual colors of rainbow only when physically broken.

Get staked you maggot-riven blood guzzling wench. I can’t wait to see the strip where Thorn has enough of your shit and cuts your head off himself after you watch Del and Dex drive a stake through Imri’s chest.

While we’re venting fantasies:

“Ma’am… I can’t infect you, but I can infect your other human workers, and they might not be as resilient to the effects as I am.”

“I take your point. You’re on lunch duty, then. Spend the next few hours in isolation making yourself appetizing.”

“I also have concerns that, while the disease can’t affect you, Vampires may still harbor and spread the dis-”

“Oh, learn to quit while you’re ahead.”

The cathartic bit is a supervisor actually listening.

…okay, buddy, I think you should sit the rest of this one out.

The whole arc is a flashback, we already know the vampires are going to come through it fine, so you’re just gonna keep working yourself up with no catharsis at the end. (And it looks like you’re stressing out other commenters at this point, too.)

if we’re being honest, the whole Sonheim-as-US thing was kind of darkly funny when you started, but it hits closer to home every time it comes up. I may have to not read this arc too.

I would consider moving better choice than not reading this comics. The US situation won’t get better just because you stop paying attention to it.

Like, it won’t help with the virus much, but the “every time” suggest you have more complains and some of those may be solved by changing home country.

Moving to a different country isn’t going to make the US situation less worrisome.

And the idea of “taking a break from fantasy about fictional viruses because it stresses you out” isn’t supposed to magically fix anything in the real world…it’s just supposed to relieve some unnecessary stress, which is a perfectly worthwhile goal all by itself.

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