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Quarantine With The Vampire 7/11

Quarantine With The Vampire 7/11 published on 6 Comments on Quarantine With The Vampire 7/11

Our lone messenger rides back to the castle gates. She’s about here-ish.

Yellow: Hey again. What’s it like, in town? Sirens blaring? People collapsing in the street?

Red: It’s just quiet. Lots of hand-drawn “closed” signs.

Yellow: Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s just the seasonal bruma! We get our shots, like every year, and it’s fine. I live downtown, I was at a club last night. Guess how many sick people I saw?

That’s right! [koff koff] None!

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[long suffering sigh]

and this is why i havent been allowed to go to any public places since fluffing march. some people just gotta ruin it for the rest of us.

SHUN Yellow and their super-spreader ways! SHUN! SHHHHUNNNNNNN!

This might actually be a fringe-of-the-fringe benefit to being a servant. No disruption to your routine unless you’re sick enough that you have to bed down, and if any of your co-workers get sick, you KNOW it wasn’t you who brought it in(or at the very least you didn’t expose yourself of your own will).

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