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Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 1/16

Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 1/16 published on 10 Comments on Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 1/16

Sønheim: 8-ish years ago.

Chartreuse (narrating): This district is under complete lockdown, to fight the outbreak of a new brumavirus. Three humans at the castle are sick. Two indentured servants, one employed guard. (The vampires are just fine.)

There aren’t enough tests to go around, but it sure does seem like the novel bruma.


And since the vampires can’t ship in new servants from outside the district to take their places . . .

Chartreuse: . . . you towni–uh, locals — are being paid so much money to work here as temps! Please make it out alive.

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“You’re being paid SO MUCH MONEY! Just don’t expect any healthcare from our owners if you both get sick.”

I’m guessing that a hazard multiplier might be part of the scads of lucre.
“Buy your own healthcare, you entitled commoners! To get the best policy for you, you’d have to inform us about all your medical conditions and circumstances. That sounds like a violation of privacy to us, and we’ll have no part of that! plus that would cause us to perhaps start thinking of you as people…”

That DOES make sense – as long as the employer actually pays enough for you to get decent healthcare policy.

(BTW, in our country, employer PAYS the healthcare insurance, that is, sends the money to it, but employee is choosing which healthcare insurance company that will be.)

I had one idea while I was observing some news about testing: What if Woman in Black would catch infection like that? Normally, people needs to get tested if it’s really that or just common flu, but if she gets tested, wouldn’t the people testing her forgot they did? That would probably lead to some confusion … and possibly never getting the results.

… on second though, she’s in even worse problem if she gets hospitalized with anything, infection or injury. And people forgetting her while she’s currently having surgery may easily be fatal.

Since she’s an actual sanctioned Time Traveller, she’s probably innoculated against anything that she would reasonably come across. as for surgical intervention, her memory trick has a fairly solid loophole: So long as you’re looking at her, she doesn’t slip from your memory. So long as she’s being actively worked on, the surgeon wouldn’t forget her,

As far as her actually getting INTO surgery, I’m guessing she has some flavor of alpha-priority badge she can flash with very specific instructions about how getting her medical attention without her charms being removed.

Good point, they would know what she can meet … and while there are pathogens innoculating don’t work against, they wouldn’t send her into middle of epidemic of such pathogens.

Actively worked on, well … surgeons sometimes looks at X-ray photos instead of patients … but ok, noone will probably forget her while her abdomen is open.

She can’t flash anything if she’s unconscious. Even assuming someone will notice her and get her to hospital, she can end up somewhere in corridor, with people repeatedly noticing her, deciding they need to ask about her and forgetting.

If they’ve collected the sample to test and marked the container it’s in appropriately, they no longer need to remember *her*. They have a physical thing to take through their processing, and most of that probably happens without any knowledge of the patient, so it shouldn’t matter if the actual patient is forgotten.

The issue is at the end… who was this again?

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