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Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 10/16

Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 10/16 published on 8 Comments on Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 10/16

Chartreuse: Hey! Where are you going?!

Teal: I don’t know — home — anywhere that’s not here!

Chartreuse: You can’t just go —

Teal: Can too! I’m not a slave! I’m allowed to leave if I want!

Chartreuse: I — I may be a slave, but I’m not stupid enough to try to run down a mountain! Just hold it in, until tomorrow’s supply run gets here. Finish your shift, and then —

Teal: Um — What if I already told the vampires that I quit? To their faces?

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She is either brave or stupid… Or a bit of both.

Actually I just had a thought: The leeches counted on this one sprinting down the mountain because they want a second fresh meal.

And when Chartreuse tries to warn them, it activates the compulsion gem.

IMHO the leeches counted on this one doing something funny. Not that they would reject second fresh meal, but I don’t think they are that hungry, more like bored.

“You already told them you quit? In such case, just run slower and be careful where you are stepping.”

Hungry, bored, leeches don’t give a damn. Fresh blood is fresh blood no matter the source.

You know, contrary to popular opinion, you can not like someone and still admit they could be worse.

I don’t think they are THAT bad (and, in fact, there are probably worse vampires in the settings, or at least were because they killed one of them) and I think if they would have this big problem with control they wouldn’t be able to follow their laws.

Also, to keep the blood fresh it’s better to keep it inside people, actually. It would make more sense if they waited with this for later.

Not brave, brave would have more control then this, at least a little. This is panic, terror, the override of sense and logic by pure survival instinct. However, I hesitate to say stupid either. Certainly not thinking straight, but stupid implies to me they knew all the risks and still chose to react like this.

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