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Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 11/16

Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 11/16 published on 27 Comments on Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 11/16

Chartreuse: O-okay. You can’t wait outside. Sneak back in — If you keep quiet —


Stanczia: If you keep quiet, nothing.

You quit. As you have the right to. And so, we withdraw your permission to be on our property. Leave, now, or we have the right to . . . deal with you . . . as we see fit.

I suppose that means you’ll be hiking.

Teal: N-no! I can’t. I don’t have a map! Or water! Or a coat —

Stanczia: Ah, I almost forgot: The uniform is still castle property, and we withdraw your permission to wear it.

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Ah yes, now I see the genius. It wasn’t just about fresh blood after all.

Now the fucks don’t have to pay the wages for these two idiots.

Actually, I see the point about returning the uniform as confirming my idea that they mainly want the entertainment. Mainly. The fact they save the money and probably get another fresh blood is certainly welcomed bonus.

So they’re spoiled children, your point?

…Just to be clear, that isn’t making them any less of a pair of hate sinks right?

No, it is not. Kinda makes me want to round up Blade, Van Helsing, and the Belmont clan and send them after these jerks.

I hope that Chartreuse doesn’t get in trouble, at least.

I’ll take some of that, ten bucks says she gets punished but not killed because the leeches need their help around their castle.

She’ll probably either be made an example of or (hopefully) the vampires will forget about her existence because they’ll be busy entertaining themselves with Teal.
So no bucks because I’m broke says Chartreuse escaping from this mostly unharmed because I prefer the hopeful option.

So of course she’s going to return all of Teal’s things, since she has no permission to keep that property?

It was Teal’s decision to leave it in castle. Well, as much as you can count forgetting about something due to panic being decision. Stanczia is not responsible for bringing it, although she probably doesn’t care about it either.

Hmmm … suddenly suspect that Chartreuse will bring it to Teal.

I’m hoping that the vampires will at least run into trouble hiring the next round of villagers, if the virus stays for a while.

Doubtful. Look at how many people are desperate for any kind of work right now. Coupled with leech disinformation and the current power balance between leeches and humans in Sonheim, they’ll find more.

Is anyone going to comment how badass this image is? Well done, Erin.

I especially like the angle of Stanczia’s head and the claw-like hands (I always have trouble making them look right in my own work). The detail on the characters’ eyes in the close-ups is also great. It’s one of those panels that show just how far you’ve come as an artist – been reading your work on and off for….gosh, at least 14 years.

*Also – I feel like “hiking” is something of a running joke in vampire society. Like someone might colloquially say “ugh, that’s such a hike. Speaking of which, I need a snack.” Or just one of those words you can’t use causally without a little smile at the strong association with something else – in this case food.

While I originally came to the comments to make sure someone already mentioned about Teal’s original clothes, I realized as I read `”hiking”` on your comment, the original clothes never mattered to Teal’s fate, just to the pleasantness of the last 10 minutes to an hour of her life. It amuses Stanczia to be an ass here, but Teal was ultimately doomed the moment she decided to go to this assignment, as was Green.

It’s not about the money. It’s about the blood. The indentured servants have to put up with feeding the vampires, but the temps don’t. From the beginning of this storyline, it was clear that not enough indentured servants were going to make it through the story to keep the vamps fed.

Even if Teal had the foresight to wear her old clothes under her work clothes, or stash them outside to change into as soon as she left, there’s still the matter of that hike. This storyline takes place while there’s snow out. That may be an always thing in this part of the country, but the point is, hike plus snow means enough opportunities for no witness accidents. Stanczia doesn’t seem like the sort of person to leave such things to chance.

Actually, I though they really have problem with cleaning up the castle and not getting enough blood. Originally. Less sure now.

There are exact rules in law about when are vampires allowed to drink a blood of Sonheic citizen. Point one is “they get critically injured while hiking in the wilderness”. I’m sure Stanczia is setting this up: she doesn’t NEED to lie, that point is going to apply to Teal soon.

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