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Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 2/16

Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 2/16 published on 8 Comments on Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 2/16

Green: So, uh . . . are we taking care of sick people or what?

Teal: Can’t we wear our own clothes? This borrowed set is itchy.

Chartreuse: No! And no. You’re both on cleaning duty . . . and the Lady and Lord believe aesthetic is important. I’ll show you everything to do. It’s very simple. Hard to screw u–

Teal: Aaahh! You need cleaning all right! Kill it, kill it —

Chartreuse: No, don’t!! Spiders are part of the aesthetic!

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The bosses have even named their favourites. That one is Peter, Gwen lives in the Great hall, Miles hangs out in the kitchen, and the dungeon is Ben’s domain.

Oooooohohohoho, you…

Took me a second.
Now, where do Eddie and Cletus live?

Oh, they’re both outside. Eddie skitters around the gargoyles and grotesques on the roof while Cletus feats on the flies in the stable.

You can also find Amadeus in the Library, Miguel surveying the study, Jessica in the servant’s quarters, and Cindy chilling in Stanczia and Imri’s bedchamber (they think she makes the best webs)

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