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Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 7/16

Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 7/16 published on 5 Comments on Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 7/16

Okay, archive-diving readers, a challenge: can you find one strip with every character who’s been seen holding a smartcrystal?

Obviously Hyacinth has the black case with the dog skull, and Thorn doesn’t have a case on his…but I really need to make an overall reference, because I’ve lost track of how many other characters have Established Not!Phone Case Designs.

Green (thinking): We’re putting all these rules on people, and for what, huh? This district has hardly any virus spread at all! The little circle on the map doesn’t even touch Stanczia’s and Imri’s castle!

Besides, they’re saying people my age don’t even get the bruma. Or if we do, we don’t get sick. Or if we’re sick, we still come out fine! I’ll be fine.

Three days later:

Stanczia: You’ll never believe this, Imri, darling . . .

In spite of the rumors we’ve been spreading, so humans will demand their governments lift all the brumavirus restrictions . . . It turns out, one of the little ones isn’t “fine.”

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I can’t sleep, so I checked for updates at midnight and saw the smartcystal question, so decided to look for Rowan.

At the beginning you had him holding a case-less smart crystal like this:
But somewhere between the beginning and Time and Tides you started giving him a smartcrystal with a black case like this: And all the conversations with Archie that I’m seeing have him using a plain black case.

Quick scan of the first book I found Hyacinth’s crystal with a case (though it might be missing in and, a nameless guest at the restaurant with a pink case (, Tansy’s has a flower (
So far plain crystals for Thorn, Juniper, Holly, Birch, Violet, Rowan (sorry, no links), Sugar ( and Jasmine (
Didn’t get to the mine collapse yet.

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