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Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 8/16

Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 8/16 published on 12 Comments on Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 8/16

Stanczia: He’s fading fast. Can you smell it? Can you hear the fluid in his lungs?

Green (thinking): Everything hurts . . . C-can’t breathe . . .

Imri: The med copter would never get here fast enough.

Stanczia: I’m sure that it wouldn’t, darling.

Imri: Fun fact! This means you are, legally speaking, “fair game.” And you look like you’ll go down smooth.

Green (thinking): Huh . . . It doesn’t hurt anymore.

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You know, normally I’d go on a long rant about the vampires involving violence, explosives, and so on.

Not for this fucker. I’m done having any sympathy for idiots like this.

I mean, yeah, he definitely messed up, but I’d be a lot more keen to blame the vampires. I doubt they’d be too keen to let their servants have access to information that goes directly against the information which they were putting out, so there’s a good chance he seriously didn’t know any better.

(The vampires are using he in this strip, and though they’re jerks considering Imri (I’d say and common decency, but y’know) I doubt they’d want to misgender someone.)

Kind of brought it on himself though… >_>

On a related note – do the vampires have pointed ears because they were originally Sonhic or is that a vampire thing? Would Ceannic vampires have non-pointed ears? *Are* there Ceannic vampires?

Thinking about this strip I wonder why yellow survived. First I thought ze was an indentured servant, but yellow is listed as an employee too, so that’ not the difference between them.
Was ze less feverish than green? Is cleaning staff more expendable than a guard? Were the vampires just not hungry at that time?
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want more characters to die in this arc. But could they maximize their odds apart from not getting sick at all?

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