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Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 9/16

Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 9/16 published on 13 Comments on Quarantine With The Vampire (Part 2) 9/16

Imri: Good evening!

We have, ah . . . unfortunate news about your friend.

Teal: Wh–? Oh no! Is he dead? Did the winter fever get him?

Stanczia: Dear me, no.

Imri: Stanczia, love, can I tell her?

Stanczia: Of course!

Imri: You see — technically, he died with the brumavirus, not from the brumavirus.

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Dang they are just going out of their way to be cruel here, huh

Y’know, I’m not sure I like them very much.

*Running down the gear list* Okay, you get three stakes, one mallet, one pistol with three magazines of sixteen, and a leather neck gaiter.

What is a neck gaiter?

So, what’s the odds it’ll turn out vampires actually can get the virus?

It WOULD be hilarious if, as someone suggested last page, they could get it by drinking the blood of the infected. And a bit karmic too.

If that is the case, it would be specific to THIS permutation of the Brumavirus, as Stanczia is nearly a millennium old at this point, and Imri has seen about 230 winters and they seem fairly certain they can’t catch it.

I THINK they share the Hellsing!Vampire immunity of ‘we can harbor no disease as our flesh is already dead’… but that just makes the idea of a disease that leaves them feeling ill MUCH more dangerous due to its potency.

One would think someone who agreed to work in a vampire castle wouldn’t be this stupid, but I still half-expect next page to involve Teal trying to attack the vampires.

… Or maybe you have to be that kind of stupid to willingly walk into a vampire castle for any amount of money, as opposed to being indentured and sent where you’re sold. I dunno.

Teal seems like a coward, more likely they’ll run screaming from the place worried they’re gonna suffer the same fate. Though given that they manipulated the whole, “Fair Game” rule, all Teal could do is warn everyone to NOT take a job at the castle. Which will do precisely jack shit because some people are probably desperate for work anyway.

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