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Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 3) 13/13

Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 3) 13/13 published on 16 Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 3) 13/13

I am deeply looking forward to how many readers saw this coming.

ETA, now that all the preceding strips are actually published: …I am surprised how many readers thought multiple Leif’s Imprisoned Relatives were coming.

Imri: Say, there was one more prisoner, right? What’s that one in for?

Stanczia: Oh, her . . . ?

Purple: Should I bring your food in?

Red: No — I can walk, just let me mask up.

Did you hear . . . how there’s a vaccine? Exciting, right?

Stanczia: Nothing interesting. She’s just a wrecker.

Purple: These days, I don’t judge anything until I see it myself.

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Purple Hair, Purple eyes, just like Leif.
Pardon me.
*Sounds of Khyrin screaming into a pillow because it’s rude to wake people up at 23:22*
So… Wrecker.
Such a delightful word, rife with ambiguity when used in this context. Presumably she toppled a building? Or maybe she just screwed over an intricate plot.

I just assumed it was the same as historical wreckers – people who deliberately lure ships into crashing so they can loot them.

Of course, now I’m trying to remember whether Sondheim has any sea access, and I don’t think they do. Still, maybe a big enough lake would work.

You are recalling correctly. We learned in Family Dinner(Page 7/14) that Sønheim has the best gemstone deposits, and Ceannis has the best seaports.

As for lakes, Sønheim’s southwestern border is the Unnamed Mountain Range That Divides the continent, Southeastern border is a superdesert, and the northern border is defined by a “it’s too cold for even the vampires here.” ocean.

According to Wiktionary, it could be:

5. In the Soviet Union, someone accused of the formal charge of wrecking, that is, undermining the state in intangible ways.

That seems pretty likely, with the massive debt Leif is working off – we all know how much Sønheim likes people who “undermine the state” /sarcam
Would explain a lot of Leif’s “Sønheim *must* be the best” attitude too, beyond just “regular” patriotism.

Wasn’t Leif made taken as a “indentured servant” due to his parents being “missing”, and thus the cost of their crimes being passed down to him? If this is his mother, and she was merely in jail, then that means that his debt can be taken as fraudulent. I mean, sure, it depends on how the local law actually works, but I would NOT be at all surprised if her debt is actually still supposed to be carried by her (even if, like this particular page partially implies, her crime, and subsequent debt, was falsified).

Wait, Leif is in Rocky Rapids as roughly a young adult or late teen. This individual, whoever they are, doesn’t have any signs of age or wear like the boss would usually add.

Are we *sure* Leif doesn’t have siblings?

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