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Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 3) 2/13

Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 3) 2/13 published on 10 Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 3) 2/13

Trivia: When I first started drawing the quarantine strips, I figured it would just be one big storyline. So I did the first set of 13, then a few strips with the townies, then sketched this strip (and tomorrow’s), all the way back in August.

…at which point I decided the whole thing would work better as a series of mini-arcs. Partly so I could keep using this setting to process real-world developments over months and months. Partly so the long-term plot threads could get more buildup, more suspense, more cliffhangers. Partly because the arc of “where’s our package?” –> “at least we got our package” was such a neat little standalone story unit.

So I wrote more strips about the townies to flesh out Part 2, and drew the intermediary storylines, and got back to writing “there’s a working vaccine, even if our main characters can’t it yet” right around the time the IRL news hit “there are several working vaccines, even if I and the people I know can’t get it yet.”

Yellow: I’m not taking any risks! . . . anymore.

I might not be contagious, but I still feel sick — I get tired just walking across the room. You won’t want me back at the flat until I can get tested.

But don’t stop calling! It’s not like I get any other conversation up here. Nobody else actually lives in this castle except the indentured servants. We have, like, nothing in common — What would we talk abou–

Smartcrystal: BREAKING: News Alert!

Yellow: Hey! [hff hff hff] Did you see the news yet? They just approved a vaccine! Open up and let me tell you all about it!!

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So, when do the comics get signed “Cassandra” ?

If there’s not a tiger about to jump out from behind that door and rip his face off for being an idiot, I’ll be very disappointed.

For…being excited?

The next person over is also sick, so they’re not isolating or masking up with each other.

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