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Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 3) 8/13

Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 3) 8/13 published on 17 Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 3) 8/13

“…and after all that, Månborg is still a territory of Sønheim.”

Indigo: I’m a long-runner. In lived years, I’m in my 50’s. When you were in school . . .

Did they teach you about the Månborg separatist movement? I was part of that. Got arrested for it. Died in prison.

Imagine my surprise as a kid, 80-some years later, when the memories come back . . .

. . . and I find out there’s nothing left of the movement, Except my multiple remaining life sentences.

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Of course, Månborg is still a territory of Sønheim… if it weren’t, you’d be free, Indigo.

Only if they had been reborn in Månborg. If they were born in someplace that was still Sønheim, even if they’d been successful, I imagine Sønheim would still charge them. Because fuck Sønheim.

That said, I feel like there’s probably some other things that remain of the revolution. Specifically, the multiple life sentences of the other revolutionaries.

How do they even identify long-runners in Sønheim, apart from their memory? Wouldn’t it be possible to pretend you’re someone else?

That…is a very good question. Especially considering they’d know that long-runners have to continue their sentences. Problem is, is they were raised in a community of Sonheim loyalists, or hell, just pissedd off the wrong person? Easy way to get sent straight back to prison.

I imagine long-runners have a particular disadvantage, in that they return at a young enough age that they haven’t had the corresponding history lesson yet- especially if they died on the field. They go “Huh, I remember now! I was such-and-such! Mom, dad, I’m a long runner and my name was such-and-such!” and then their parents are like “Oo, let’s look you up on Crystal Google!” and then they find the name of a person with multiple life sentences and, well from there it’d depend on the parents (or guardians!), but this one probably had the misfortune of Loyalist Parents who reported them to the government.

Maybe someone else was the same, but the parents were like “aw frell you’re a criminal just keep going by your old name sshhhh”; or maybe their situation was “the parents accept me, but then I went to school and someone noticed I was different than before and there were questions and someone figured it out and now I’m here”.

Got a little off track, but point being, you don’t exactly look at yourself as a criminal unless you’re Cartoon Villainy Evil, so even though they were sent to prison before, their first thought might not be “someone’ll turn me in for my past life and life sentences, I should keep this under wraps”. Or maybe it was, and the one person they trusted ratted them out. Any number of things could cause information to get out. Heck, if the government watches what they search for online, a five year old looking up info about a revolution might be suspicious and prompt an investigation!

I guess you’re right.
Blush Noisette said she didn’t remember everything right away. So until the long-runner remembers all the details and realizes it would be wise to keep their identity secret the authorities could already know about them.
And I guess pretending to be a kid when you’re actually a lot older would be very difficult. So you would have to come up with an identity close enough to your previous self to be convincing but without any connection to the ‘crime’ you would be punished for.

That would still run the risk of “Now, wait a second. You were Sven Loyalistsson, son of Loyalist Loyalistsson in your past life?? But HE’S Sven Loyalistsson!”

Sure, but I suppose long-runners are not that common. So if Sven Loyalistsson reincarnated around the same time you pretend to be them, they might not remember being Sven Loyalistsson. And what would be the punishment for giving a wrong identity, more life sentences? For the current reincarnation not much to loose.

Plus I’d rather go for Gertrud Hadplausibledeniability than for Sven Loyalistsson to be convincing.
But thinking about the risks, even if you don’t meet ‘yourself’ anybody who knew ‘you’ in the past could reveal the truth. I admit the plan has a lot of flaws.

This may just be the hyperfixation speaking, but is Månborg a reference to the Dream SMP?

Had to look that up…no, it’s just a name that derives from a word for “moon”, to go along with Sønheim’s “sun.”

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