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Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 12/21

Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 12/21 published on 8 Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 12/21

Doctor: Only patient left is the guy we can’t find. Should we . . . ask the vampires to look?

Chartreuse: Well . . .

If he’s sick — maybe passed out in a random side corridor — We might not find him in time without their help.

But it’ll go bad for him if we send them to hunt him down when he’s just in the middle of an unscheduled . . .

. . . totally reasonable and non-work-compromising break.

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Here’s a question. The vamps have stated they don’t feed from children. Is this because of the increased risk involved due to their smaller amount of blood? Or because children are seen as precious so if they eat one it’ll make the humans flip out? Or does baby blood just not taste as good? Some of these could contribute to their long runner colleague getting eaten or not.

Vampires have no problem with bleeding someone dry if that someone is disposable, and “criminal” is probably hella disposable. Non-criminal non-long-runner children being killed would absolutely make the humans flip out, and that’s what I’ve been assuming is the reason vampires don’t have long veal.

Children are legally off-limits for blood-drinking, because they aren’t old enough to give informed consent. That part wouldn’t apply to Indigo, so bad news for him.

Small humans usually aren’t worth the trouble — it’s harder to get a satisfying meal out of them without drinking enough to cause a medical emergency and/or death. That would be illegal no matter what their age. Granted, with a non-citizen prisoner, the chance that the vampires could get away with it regardless is high. Mixed news for Indigo.

That said, he does look like a child physically, and Stanczia+Imri haven’t shown any sign of being into that. So he’s less desirable than, say, a human adult with dwarfism who had the same physical size. Good news for Indigo.

Chartreuse walks a thorny path with aplomb, balancing between concern for her coworkers with weasel-wording to not throw them under the bus if they really have been skiving off. Can we get a round of applause for her, everyone?

Man, I bet Chartreuse has just, so much experience reading when expressions say “VAMPIRE BEHIND YOU” and smoothly transitioning into saying Definitely What She Was Going To Say All Along. One, amazing, two, yikes that she has to have that skill.

I wonder if something like sickle cell in a “donor” would do anything to vampires. If I remember right it is theorized to have occured to make malaria slightly less lethal. Wonder if there’s anything similar maybe if only a “ugh that tastes bad” blood based disease.

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