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Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 13/21

Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 13/21 published on 12 Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 13/21

…said the spider to the fly.

Imri: Why, it’s like a little human party in here!

Stanczia: No, dear — you heard, it’s a “reasonable break.”

Medic: Lady Stanczia, Lord Imri, it’s an honor to meet —

Imri: Later!

The little one needs medical attention.

Stanczia: Follow us up to the parlor.

Doctor: Wouldn’t this (hff) be faster if (hff) they carried us?

Chartreuse: Pro tip: Never (hff) invite vampires to (hff) pick you up!

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Wait, why are the vampires asking for medical help? Lady Stanczia seems particularly pissed. I’m wondering if them being a long runner is useful to their plans somehow? Otherwise why not use this as an opportunity for “fair game” again?

My guess is they’re tired of getting new servants, and possibly this is self inflicted, in which case they would be pissed that their property would dare to steal from them like that lol.

You know, its kind of morbid, but I have been wondering how provable reincarnation (and long runners in particular) effects social attitudes about suicide (especially when its someone’s only chance at leaving lifelong slavery).

I’m pretty sure the compulsion gems make it impossible for the slaves to commit suicide. It’d be a pretty big oversight for Sonheim to miss something that obvious by now, especially given how long they’ve probably had this system going.

The gems don’t actually stop you from doing a thing, just make it painful; See Leif deliberately setting his gem off by kissing Thorn in the hallway. If your mind is set, you can probably fight past the pain to top yourself or just keep going until the gem itself escalates to such a point that you die from the pain.

I don’t think the gem will EVER get to point where you DIE from the pain. More likely you just pass out.

Sure fighting the pain and commit suicide anyway would be possible but probably not easy.

Given all of the people I’ve known who were very serious about suicide, I have a very strong suspicion that suicide is *rarely* easy. Most of the people I’ve known who have seriously tried to kill themselves failed several times before they finally got it right. The ones that come to mind who succeeded on their first try did not care about collateral damage, and chose methods that had some. But even their methods were ones I think most people would be strongly averse to, even given the traits ‘suicidal’ and ‘unsympathetic to the plight of others’.

– Most of us come with a fairly strong sense of self preservation which makes it difficult, even when it might look easy.
– Most of us are far more durable than we imagine. It’s easy to hurt us, but hard to kill us.

On the topic of long-runners and suicide, WiB blithely mentions suicide to Acai, and she is not overly offended by the topic, even admitting to having committed suicide a few times. She is a rather _unique_ case, but is likely somewhat of a barometer on society’s attitude.

Note, however, how WiB reacted when she realized Acai will not forget what she said immediately. It WAS rude question and Acai could’ve been offended if she didn’t actually tried that, which made being offended by the suggestion hypocritical.

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