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Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 4/21

Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 4/21 published on 12 Comments on Quarantine with the Vampire (Part 4) 4/21

Well, it’s official…yesterday was the most expensive April Fool’s Day strip I’ve ever done. (To be fair, I’ve never spent any money on an April Fool’s strip before, so it wasn’t hard.)

But gosh, was that worth it, or what?

Had the virus: No
Contagious now: No

Chartreuse: Ohhh good, my precautions are working.


Chartreuse: Your staff list is . . . out of date.

Had the virus: Yes
Contagious now: No

Cyan: Wait, what?!?

I never had symptoms! This has to be wrong! Can you try again?

Doctor: I’m really sorry! Our funding doesn’t cover extra tests. Not even if you were a citizen.

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Khyrin, you want to handle the rage on this one?

Not really. The doctor having two spare tests and not using them when someone asks for a second opinion? He says it himself: the government funding doesn’t cover another test, even if Cyan was a citizen. That’s equality.

Green, literally in the final stages of dying from brumavirus, being granted Lord Imri’s Peace? You yourself refused to shed a tear for him as he passed.

Teal being forcibly killed via exposure by Lady Stanczia injured in the mountains? Unfortunate, but Chartreuse herself pointed out that Teal could have survived if she had kept a slightly cooler head.

also, from a storytelling perspective, Teal and Green had to die so Lady Stanczia would suggest the prisoners from Pottersfield, and thus the story would introduce Purple who I am very much hoping gets a name by the end of this storyline.

I meant about the citizen comment.

Don’t really have a good angle to rant on that.
[Sønska worldview ENGAGE]
But Cyan isn’t a citizen! He knew the risks and signed a Contract to become a Servant because the fancy moving prosthetic was worth the temporary loss of Citizenship. No one forced him go into debt. It was his choice!
[Sønska worldview disengaged]

Cyan’s logic should at least be internally consistent, even if he doesn’t like how it turns out at this moment.

Also, having an extra test along on this particular visit does not mean that there are necessarily enough tests to go around overall. It just means they haven’t run out yet.

Also, we’re assuming that there were enough tests to match the staff list to begin with. I could easily see the vampires not bothering to doctor the staff list because they just didn’t think it was important enough to do so, especially since it’s so easy to state that the list is out of date. But maybe that list wasn’t provided until the doctor showed up, and there was just this hope that the doctor had enough tests to cover everyone.

Maybe there were. Maybe there’s 10 more tests than people here. Maybe there’s still a shortage compared to the number of survivors. We’ll find out the latter before the story’s over, if it’s the case. But if there’s enough to go around for the people here, we’ll probably never know.

But no test can be considered an extra until everyone in scope for testing is accounted for, and I’m sure that hasn’t happened yet.

Even if the cost of the test was negligible and they would totally had enough for everyone with spares, the doctor’s time is limited. While the tests probably have some chance of mistake, they were declared reliable enough to be used AND the “had the virus” is the answer which is unlikely to have bad consequence if answered incorrectly anyway (the “contagious” one is more important).

So, I would totally say that there is no reason for the doctor to lose time with someone who doesn’t believe you can get the infection without symptoms.

Reading this from archives, I’m curious what the now-absent and expensive april fool’s post was.

What strip do you get when you click the “previous” button on this page?

The April Fool’s Joke.

Back then, I thought that the “storyline” categories were sections of the archive in chronological order, and the storylines show more than one day at once, so I wound up missing all the breaks from the main plot for the sake of fewer clicks. This must have been my first clue that I was missing anything that way.

Cyan right now it doesn’t really matter if you had the virus or not you are not contagious and until the vaccine is rolled out to servants that is all that matters and is unlikely to matter even then. The COVID-19 vaccine was given even to those that had already had COVID (and helped some long-haul COVID sufferers). And that was the vaccine for only COVID. This vaccine sounds more like the seasonal flu vaccine with a special emphasis on this strain of the virus.

And if you want t retested when the vaccine rolls out to servants. Well, maybe you can. They are likely to have more spare tests by then. But again it doesn’t matter

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